Mamey Sapote

This sweet fruit is commonly eaten in many Latin American countries.

“Mamey oil is obtained from the seed that is pressed. It is widely used in cosmetics.” 

It’s excellent moisturizing properties, protects the skin while Promoting growth of the lash.

It has antibiotic properties, as well as a high content of carotenoids wich gives anti free radical properties.
Rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, protein, amino acids and iron.

The mamey sapote is a species of a tree native to southern Mexico.

The growth stimulation properties were discovered when women started extracting the oil from the fruit and applying it to their hair which resulted in shine, thickness and growth.

Mamey Waterproof Mascara

Contains: beeswax, carnuba, wax, triheptanoin, soybean seedwax, capryloyl glycerin/sebacic acid copolymer, calcium steareate, mamey seed oil, avocado oil, sweet almond oil, diheptyl succinate (and) capryloyl glycerin/sebacic acid copolymer, iron oxides 77491, tocopheryl acetate, orange oil, lemon oil, bergamot oil.