Mamey Waterproof 100% Natural Mascara

This effective mascara is Gentle and Nourishing on your lashes.

Paraben-FREE, Isoparaffin-FREE,

Silicone-FREE, Fragrance-FREE

Lightweight Waterproof mascara

Sensitive eye-friendly

It will LENGTHEN, LIFT, ACCENTUATE and give VOLUME to each Lash while Strengthening them.

Online price: 23.50Eur 

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The XaaNuu Mamey waterproof mascara will give you a stunning look while nurturing your eyelashes

It’s formula enriched with:

  • Mamey oil will Nourish your eyelashes Fortifying and Stimulating the Growth.

  • Avocado oil will Moisturize them.

 This is a Perfect All-day, All-season mascara. Great for an Active or Relaxing moment.

XaaNuu mascara will be your beauty ally

throughout your daily life.